En la Cocina Panamena, 7 June 2015,by Jason Gilliam

In the Panamanian Kitchen

English Info: The title of this painting is “En la Cocina Panameña”, which means “In the Panamanian Kitchen”.  These are items found in a typical kitchen in Panama, such as the one where I now live.  The size of this painting is 40 cm x 30 cm, or approximately 15.7 in. x 11.8 in.  This work was performed in acrylic paint.

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This is the first painting I’ve performed in something like 17 years.  This work is sort of a proof of concept (proof to myself I’m still a capable painter).  This was also the first ever acrylic painting I’ve ever done.  I have to say that the experience has fully convinced me that acrylic paint is the only choice for me moving forward.  I’m very happy with the medium.

This composition is a still life of various Panamanian kitchen items taken from our kitchen here at home and placed strategically within it (most of the items were not moved from their original positions, only the candles were added in).  I wanted a dramatically lit scene with very deep colors, lights, and shadows.  I’m very happy with the final result.

There are some symbolic meanings in this painting.  My wife Sugel and I spend a lot time together in this very small kitchen and each candle is a representative for each one of us.  Also, it’s a pretty low-tech kitchen, but there is a lot of warmth and happiness there.